Custom Stickers Printing

Custom Packaging Boxes allows you to make and order die-cut custom stickers in any size, quantity and shape. You can upload your logo or image, or create and customize from thousands of visions and/or use our Sticker Editor. Browse the sections below and find just the best application for your stickers. All your custom stickers orders are printed on the highest quality weather-proof vinyl elements.

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  • Available in all custom shapes and sizes
  • Stocks: Sticker Paper, White Vinyl, Clear Vinyl and Cling Stock
  • Full Colour CMYK / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
  • Can be ordered in rolls, sheets or individual sets
  • Highly effective and inexpensive promotional tools
  • 100% Quality and Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!


More About Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers that you can fully customize are a excellent tool for both personal and professional use. At Custom Packaging Boxes we fully believe in making your custom information stick in any way you’d like. No seriously, whatever shape, size, design, colour, message, image,  occasion, material, quantity, and anything in between, Custom Packaging boxes has made it easier than ever before to create your custom stickers specifically the way you require them (we’ve even made it simple for you to find your best sticker type). Dishwasher safe, microwavable, and waterproof, our custom stickers make it stick – definitely anywhere you require them too.

Die-Cut Sticker Pages

Get the most bang for your buck with die-cut sticker sides. With die-cut sticker sides, you can fit all the stickers you want on one side. An effective way to save some coin if you want multiples of your custom stickers. Easily upload all your design into our editor, tell us how many pages you want, and you’re done. Since die-cut stickers on pages remove easily, they are perfect if you have a lot of decorating to do for a unique celebration or party, want several types of labels for your items, or if you want a simple way to get some eye-catching office décor.

Die-Cut Sticker Singles

Die-cut sticker singles are unique stickers that are cut to be the exact shape of your design (no basic squares or circles here). Being that our die-cuts are cut to shape, we think they’re perfect for getting custom exact details for a specific event, or for creating a statement anywhere (and since our die-cuts are waterproof we do mean anywhere).

Kiss-Cut Sticker Singles

The mini-version of a sticker-page, kiss-cut sticker singles are your custom logo or design but on one mini side. Kiss-cut sticker singles work fine with complex designs, and particular info because all edges are protected by its vinyl support. They’re awesome as handouts at networking or events or tradeshows because they’re great for getting the company business info you require your clients to know in a suitable size (and without a minimum order quantity, ordering in bulk is a breeze). They also work well for special use, such as increasing your online following or reasonable memorable gifts for any event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many custom stickers can I order?
A: Definitely any amount! Our customized stickers have no order minimums, and our kiss cut singles can be ordered in bulk, this provides you to see how your design or logo will appear on various materials and will provide you to order accordingly.

Q: I need to order a large number of custom stickers, which option is best for me?
A: It all depends on what you require them for. If you’re going to hand out stickers to improve yourself, a business, or an occasion we recommend our die-cut single sticker and kiss-cut single custom sticker in bulk because the special shapes make them stand out and are simple to peel-and-stick everywhere. Our die-cut sticker sides are best if you’re using your custom stickers for at-house applications or special use.

Q: Can my die-cut stickers have a clear backing?
A: Because the vinyl we print our die-cut stickers on is solid and more durable, our die-cut sticker singles are only available with a white backing. Our custom kiss-cut single stickers can be ordered in bulk in our clear, matte vinyl, or glossy white materials!

Q: How many images will fit on a die-cut sticker page?
A: There really is no set amount! Depending on the size and amount of pictures you need on your die-cut sticker page the quantity is up to you! We use a regular 8.5”x10.5” sized sheet so when your pictures are uploaded to our online editor you’ll be able to change the size and position of pictures on your custom sticker sheet. You can make them smaller to fit a lot, or a larger if you only have some. Get few smaller and others larger to have an unlimited possibility of customized die-cut stickers.

Q: Can my custom stickers be used for crafts?
A: We think sticker crafts and DIY’s make amazing gifts and decor. Your customized can be used to any smooth side and can be glued or decoupaged in place.

Q: I want my custom stickers with both a glossy and clear background, do I have to create two separate orders?
A: Nope! For our die-cut sticker pages and kiss-cut singles, you can order multiple vinyl backings that we offer. When the editing process when you’ve achieved your design you’ll be ready to pick your custom sticker’s material. From there you can attach your amount to your order & without refreshing the page pick another finish for your custom stickers.

Q: How can I make my own stickers on your site?
A: The “how to make your own stickers” question is very simple and that’s why our platform is so excellent. Using you don’t have to speak to a sales rep or wait for a proof. You can upload your artwork and design everything directly on the site and quickly send it to print.