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Custom Cone Sleeve Packaging

No one on earth can simply deny the love for an ice cream cone. This creamy delight is available in a vast variety of flavours and combinations. People of all ages love ice cream and can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. When we talk about enjoying the ice cream cone, the cone sleeve in which it is packaged carries a lot if importance. With the good range of flavours prepared, the funky and colourful cone sleeves are manufactured by us to attract the target audience.

Beautiful Packaging

The cone sleeves manufactured by Custom packaging boxes are one of its kind in terms of design and style. The shape and size of the sleeve depending on the product and customer’s specifications. Further, even you can use custom printed product boxes for the packaging of these sleeves. In addition to that, the name of the company, its logo and other essential information such as ingredients are mentioned on it. Clip art and animations are used on the sleeve paper to make it more attractive and alluring.

Perfect Finish

The material used in the manufacture of the sleeve is aluminium paper which has good strength and durability. This paper can easily withstand the pressure and force applied. This paper has the quality to lock in the freshness of custom food & beverage boxes product by avoiding all the moisture from the air. Glossy or matte finishing is also provided on the paper to give a perfect look. All these features add to the beauty and worth of the ice cream cone and increase its selling rate.

Order and Delivery

Our experienced team always ensures the quality of the product and its delivery at the right time given by clients. Place your order at to avail the perfect customized cone sleeves at very proficient rates.

we offer its clients an excellent range of customized cone sleeves. The design and structure of the cone are always in accordance with the global style and client’s demand. Get durable and attractive cone sleeves from at very affordable rates.


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