These E-Commerce Packagings are perfect for a cost-effective alternative to an E-COMMERCE luxury box. With the stunning matt finish, these boxes are very smart for all occasions.

As they are packed flat they are great for easy storage yet they are extremely easy to assemble.

These are brilliant for any type of gift, this size being particularly popular for rings, small accessories or pre-wrapped truffles or chocolates. Being very dainty these charming E-COMMERCE packagings are ideal to make your item stand out.

With their clean-cut black matt finish, these give a beautiful and professional look to your item.

Pair these boxes with ribbon, tissue paper or even your own accessories to personalise it and make it your own.

Logo printing/branding is available at a small additional cost on these boxes. Minimum order is 50 boxes per size

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3 Reasons Custom eCommerce Packaging Works

E-commerce is a booming manufacturing industry, it’s not only the most useful way of receiving a product but there’s also something unique about taking mail that we all love. Subscription boxes even go one step further by attaching the fun part of the surprise to the mix! Unlike physical retail, e-commerce dealers have fewer ‘touch points’ to impress clients with, so it’s important to use each one to build a memorable branded experience that sets businesses apart from competitors. Although it’s the contents of the cardboard box which is the main priority, the packaging does have a large part to play in customer satisfaction and whether people chose to remain loyal and become an advocate of your brand. Custom packaging is a basic element in the e-subscription marketing we’ve outlined the various ways it can benefit a company.


  1. Product protection

The most important purpose of packaging is that it keeps the product safe from harm during transit. Custom eCommerce packaging boxes are created to measure, meaning that the size of the contents, the material and weight are all taken into attention as the packaging is designed to assure that it is fit for purpose. 80% of customers say that product protection is the most important role of packaging and without appropriate packaging, 1 in 10 packages will arrive damaged[1]. Two in five clients claimed that if they were to receive a damaged product they would recognise purchasing with a competitor before ordering again,[2] this is a risk that is not worth taking.


  1. The Unboxing Experience

First impressions are very important and are made within the first second of seeing something new. When it comes to the ecommerce manufacturing, the packaging is the first tactile experience the user has with a brand and its products and should, therefore, be an aspect of the brand that a lot of thought goes into.

On typing ‘unboxing’ into YouTube a staggering 60 million effects materialise. This clearly represents the importance we as customers place on the ‘unboxing experience’ and this is an aspect that e-commerce businesses can use to definitely market their products. 4 in 10 consumers will share a picture of an order on social media if it came in a unique, branded, gift-like box[3] organically advocating and marketing their brand to more people in their consumer demographic, without the requirement for paid advertisement.


  1. Customer loyalty and advocacy

Custom packaging, as well as being an advertisement tool also aids in fostering loyalty. Loyalty is very important for e-commerce and subscription services due to it being so simple, and often reasonable to switch suppliers.  With this in mind, it has been reported that 40% of buyers say they would be likely to purchase from a retailer again if people ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package[4]. Custom packaging and individually litho printed packaging has the power to propel an e-commerce brand into the luxury section, which consumer’s love.  It’s has been seen that when they are excited about a brand, they’re more likely to personally suggest it to their supporters.[5]


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